My Man is Cupid Season 1 (Episode 2 Added) Korean Drama


My Man is Cupid Season 1 (Episode 2 Added) Korean Drama

My Man is Cupid Season 1 (Episode 2 Added) Korean Drama

Cheon Sang-hyuk, a beguiling pixie famous for his capacity to captivate ladies My Man is Cupid Season 1 (Episode 2 Added) Korean Drama persevered through a disastrous occasion quite a while back when his wings were seared.


In a journey for wing reclamation, he went through 27 extraordinary encounters. In any case, his 28th endeavor becomes entrapped with the existence of Goodness Baek-ryun.


Baek-ryun, a striking lady filling in as a veterinarian in a creature center, wrestles with an exceptional revile. Men stricken by her appeal definitely face brushes with death, driving them to cut off their friendships unexpectedly. Regardless of her irrefutable charm, Baek Ryun ceases from chasing after heartfelt entrapments, expecting to run into a man bound to be her genuine romance.

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My Man is Cupid Cast


Coordinated by Nam Tae-jin, the series stars Jang Dong-yoon as Cheon Sang-hyuk, Nana as Baek-ryun, Park Ki-woong as Search engine optimization Jae-hee, Moon Ye-jin as Yoon Si-ah, Kwon Ah-reum as So Hee, Kim Do-ah as Jeong Ah, Han So-hyun as Mi Ja, and different entertainers, for example, Shin Yun-je, Kim Dae-crackpot, Gong Do-eun, Joo In-youthful, and so on.

My Man is Cupid Season 1 (Episode 2 Added) Korean Drama

My Man is Cupid Episode Rundown


The romantic comedy dream show series is supposed to have 16 episodes altogether.


Where to My Man is Cupid


The series will transfer on Amazon Prime Video, each Friday and Saturday.

of their personality.


The story takes a close to home turn when Sang-hyuk finds out about the revelation of Jeong-ah’s remaining parts, the lady he adored, and who disappeared in 1993. My Man is Cupid Season 1 (Episode 2 Added) Korean Drama Crushed, he visits the entombment site, separating in sorrow. In the interim, Baek-ryun’s night out prompts a strange figure noticing her recently made companion, bringing up issues among the watchers about her wellbeing.


The next day, Baek-ryun and Sang-hyuk run into each other again at a cupid show, thinking back about the night he took her to the police headquarters. Interested, she challenges the cupids for not giving her a romantic tale. As Sang-hyuk filters her for a red string, representing love, their extraordinary experience indicates a more profound association, passing on the crowd anxious to investigate the unfurling intricacies of their entwined destinies.


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