My Lovely Liar – K-drama Episode 11


My Lovely Liar – K-drama Episode 11

My Lovely Liar – K-drama Episode 11

My Lovely Liar episode 11 beginnings with Sol-hee and Do-ha living it up at the celebration. In the mean time, in Hakcheon, certain individuals are recruited to move an entombment site and are stunned to find two bodies. They promptly call the police to illuminate them regarding their finding.


Criminal investigator Kwak gets the call about the body revelation when he is as yet eating with Group min. Pack min chooses to follow along and visit the scene with him. When Investigator Kwak shows up, he assumes responsibility for the scene and analyzes the entombment site. He tracks down a ring and rapidly conceals it in his pocket. Posse min misses this as he is in the middle of looking at the ground design.

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He accepts the body is Eom-ji and is sure she was killed and unloaded. The internment site is close to the ocean side region where Eom-ji was most recently seen. It is, consequently, not a stretch to expect the bones have a place with her. Be that as it may, Analyst Kwak rapidly asks Pack min not to meddle, particularly after he brings up there have been no other fierce, missing cases in Hakcheon. Investigator Kwak is giving dubious energies; what is he doing?


Meanwhile, back in Yeonseo-dong, Sol-hee welcomes Cassandra and Chi-hoon to get a few beverages to praise the celebration’s prosperity. The two unpretentiously turn her down to give her experience with Do-ha. Cassandra says she is drained, and Chi-hoon claims he needs to get ready to watch a film that Syaon did a soundtrack for. Do-ha proposes they go to the nearby bar and celebrate with different neighbors.


The festival becomes vivacious as they drink and make relaxed discussion. The inquiry regarding their status emerges, and Do-ha gladly concedes he is dating Sol-hee. He appears to be especially satisfied to be her sweetheart. Then again, Ch-rok is there with her new crush. O-baek is feeling envious yet attempts to try to avoid panicking. The new person lies that he succumbed to Cho-rok right away and isn’t seeing anybody. Sol-hee gets on his untruths and cautions Cho-rok to be cautious with the jerk.


As they party, Youthful jae asks Do-ha to assist him with composing a tune. He is certain that he is the popular lyricist and maintains that him should be his tutor. The others keep thinking about whether Youthful jae is excessively plastered, however he demands. Do-ha is going to let them know everything, including why he wears a veil, however is intruded on by Cho-rok’s crush, who was on a latrine break. Sol-hee requests that the others stay quiet about Do-ha’s character.


Afterward, as they head home, Do-ha tells Sol-hee that he feels sharing his mystery will assist him with feeling improved. He is worn out on stowing away and is more joyful without continuously wearing the veil. He credits Sol-hee for these changes. She, nonetheless, stresses that others will have a hard time believing him. She jokes that she accepted him too effectively, and presently he has confidence in humankind. He calls attention to that she didn’t accept him without any problem.


They get all affectionate and are going to kiss when an alcoholic Youthful jae shows up slithering. They take him to Do-ha’s home since he is excessively intoxicated. Youthful jae still demands asking Do-ha to be his tutor.


As they get Youthful jae familiar on the couch, his sibling, Ethan, calls. Do-ha gets and makes sense of that Youthful jae is excessively plastered. He will let Youthful jae rest on his lounge chair yet adjusts his perspective when he begins wheezing. He requests that Ethan come get his sibling. Ethan before long shows up and takes Youthful jae home. He doesn’t accept it when Youthful jae says Do-ha is the popular lyricist.


Somewhere else, Cho-rok is going to look into a lodging with her new crush. The jerk is on the telephone with one more woman whom he has slyly saved money on his telephone as his auntie. O-baek hears the discussion, and they get into a battle. From the start, Cho-rok thinks O-baek is carrying on however before long understands the jerk doesn’t recall her name.


She winds up remaining at the lodging with O-baek, and they quibble the following morning as usual. O-baek is an incredible person; ideally, Cho-rok will allow him a subsequent opportunity!

My Lovely Liar – K-drama Episode 11

The next morning, Sol-hee and Do-ha get some headache soup and appreciate each other’s conversation. They think back about the days of yore when Do-ha generally wore a cover. They get enveloped with their discussion and miss the news on the television about the body found in Hakcheon.


Discussing Hakcheon, the police start their assessment of the bones. They are sure it is the remaining parts of a 20-year-elderly person who in all probability kicked the bucket from an unpolished head injury. Criminal investigator Kwak attempts to contact Yeon-Mi, yet she is occupied with giving her acknowledgment discourse. She is authoritatively the party’s competitor and will be competing for a Lead representative’s seat in the impending political race.


Then again, Pack min finds Analyst Kwak’s reaction to his inquiries odd. He chooses to call a companion to interface him to somebody who works at the Public Scientific Help.


Back at Yeonseo-dong, Hyang-sook visits Sol-hee’s tarot bistro to apologize for her conduct last time. She is additionally inquisitive about Tae-seob and the lady he is as far as anyone knows dating. Sol-hee is stunned to hear this and asks where she saw her father. Hyang-sook admits she went climbing and saw him in the mountains. She is likewise worried about Sol-hee’s new man. She needs Sol-hee to find a rich person who cherishes her. She says love and abundance are the two pivotal interesting points while dating somebody.


In the interim, Do-ha sets the Jazz club ablaze with his presentation. He is ignorant that Group min is having a discussion about him with Sol-hee. Group min is concerned after the revelation of the new body. He cautions Sol-hee that Do-ha was on weighty resting pills when Eom-ji disappeared. He fears that Do-ha could have killed Eom-ji yet has no memory of it because of his medicine. Sol-hee saw Do-ha rest medicine however stays inflexible that he is blameless. She guarantees Group min that he ought to believe her and that Do-ha is guiltless.


She later goes to the Jazz Club and finds Do-ha at last telling Joong-kyu his subsequent name. Do-ha plays her some music, yet she appears to be melancholy. He asks her what’s up, yet she attempts to lie. She just embraces him and neglects to specify the disclosure of the body in Hakcheon. She might need to save him from the disarray the revelation will undoubtedly bring. She sees he is feeling great and maintains that him should be glad for somewhat longer.


The following day, Chi-hoon heads to the film to help Syaon’s soundtrack in the most recent film. He turns out to be distant from everyone else at the film until Syaon later goes along with him. She cries as she watches the film. Chi-hoon perceives her and requests that she think of her as own bliss. He gives her the mental fortitude to contemplate enjoying some time off from music. Syaon remembers him as the fan who has consistently saved her.


She visits Deuk-chan and enlightens him concerning her arrangements. She requests an endless leave to re-energize. She needs to zero in on learning music and thinking of her own melodies. Deuk-chan is astonished by her solicitation however consents to it. He then meets with his group and makes three declarations. He informs them that they will as of now not be working with Do-ha, Syaon is on a break, and all craftsmen who are not prepared ought to be dropped. Tragically, Atlantis is given a hatchet despite the fact that Ethan has been rehearsing truly difficult to be an extraordinary performer.


Back in Hakcheon, Eom-ho creates a situation at the police headquarters. He requests answers and to see Eom-ji’s remaining parts. The police attempt to quiet him down as he faces Criminal investigator Kwak. They guarantee they will tell him when they have more responses. Afterward, Investigator Kwak hits Yeon-mi and surrenders her a heads working on this issue. Yeon-mi doesn’t need Do-ha to be brought in for a cross-examination and untruths he is in Germany. Criminal investigator Kwak informs her concerning the ring and how he dealt with it. He asks her not to stress; he has things taken care of.


We additionally see Deuk-chan see the report about the body found in Hakcheon. He appears to be restless. Is this since he lied when he gave Do-ha a vindication? Is there more to his dubious way of behaving?


The media likewise gets a whiff of the news and chooses to cover it and get back at Yeon-mi, who dissed their program. A video of Do-ha playing at the celebration likewise begins turning into a web sensation. It is inevitable before the media joins him to the Hakcheon case, and things begin disintegrating!


Yeon-mi attempts to contact Do-ha and caution him, however he overlooks her call. He is subsequently called by an investigator from Hakcheon and requested to submit himself to Hakcheon for addressing. Do-ha is shocked to discover that Eom-ji’s remaining parts were tracked down on a mountain, not the sea. Sol-hee rigidly pays attention to his discussion.


Yeon-mi later calls and cautions him to be cautious about the scrutinizing. She gets some information about his coordinating ring with Eom-ji, and he says he tossed his ring in the sea. He additionally tells her that he won’t keep down. He intends to uncover all that he knows to the police and defend himself. Yeon-mi isn’t satisfied to hear this; she believes him should stay under the radar and help her attention on her mission.


Back in Hakcheon, Eom-ho is at last permitted to see Eom-ji’s remaining parts. He separates and sobs for his sister.


Do-ha leaves for Hakcheon the following morning, and Sol-hee sees him off. She even packs a few nourishment for himself and offers to accompany him. He declines her proposition however is happy for the feast. Sol-hee goes through the day diverted, and Cassandra asks her what’s going on. Cassandra accepts that Do-ha is blameless and that Sol-hee isn’t dating a killer.


Sol-hee is restless and wishes more individuals trusted in Do-ha’s blamelessness. Her tension uplifts after Cassandra shows her the viral video of the most recent Hakcheon case advancements.


Somewhere else at J Diversion, Moo-jin attempts to get once again into Deuk-chan’s great graces. He hears Ethan calling Youthful jae, requesting that he acquaint the person with Do-ha. Ethan is destroyed about Atlantis’ disbandment and expectations a melody from Do-ha will send off his vocation. Moo-Jin inquires as to whether he knows Do-ha’s actual personality and recommends they cooperate.


In Hakcheon, Do-ha introduces himself and answers Analyst Kwak’s inquiry. He concedes he was out of it the night being referred to. Analyst Kwak rapidly turns off the camera and alerts Do-ha about changing his proclamation. He cautions him that




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