[Let Be Straight] Fela 2 Or Mr Benson (Who do you Prefer)

[Let Be Straight] Fela 2 Or Mr Benson (Who do you Prefer))

Fela 2 Or Mr Benson Who do you prefer

The origin Of street Song To the Industry And the Universe, No matter how you become a super star just know that you trend from the street before getting to the industry.

Fela 2 

Fela 2 The Street Ambassadors With Hot Lamba, Keep Scattering the street industry with his new rave, Been the generation Of weed (IGbo) To the industry  Of Music

Checks Out 👉   Fela 2 – Obo Erofo 

Mr Benson

Mr Benson shonpona itel Mr Benson the Epawon, Mopol Mopol croonerr also known as Eyin Omo Kesari, Idamu Ayobo, Palanpolo Ijaye, Aso Ibora shasha, Aridunnun egbeda….

Checks this out 👉 Mr Benson – Screen shot 

Now Let Speak Up Our mind

Inside Fela 2 and Mr Benson Who Of this two wonder talented Street Lamba Artiste You preper Is the best Artiste

Let Be Straight Fela 2 Or Mr Benson (Who do you Prefer)👇👇👇 comment and share your thoughts Bellow


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