Enugu Land Commissioner Nam Resigns


Enugu Land Commissioner Nam Resigns - Sweetloaded

Enugu Land Commissioner Nam Resigns

Commissioner of the state of Enugu on land and urban development, Mr. Victor Nmnner respected with his duties. NNN has been involved in disputes charges of terrestrial offers, both people, corporate entities and at home of the state of the last meeting.

But the Commissioner in his resuscitation list to the Governor of Iceanyi Uberbankanki said he was not satisfied with the removal of the heads of departments from his ministry he said he was on the criminal land.

The name also stated that the governor of the State, Giwuanyi, refused to approve his proposal for the geometric information system, GIS, the administration of the Earth, which he said that he would stamp the iloso of the earth and create trust Investors in the engine state.

“However, the reason for my resignation is the recent elimination of the departments of professional departments in the penalty box to simply make their use urgently. My conscience can no longer afford to serve the administration when you are innocent public public agents are punished to make the right thing.

“Together with a gift, my meeting is resigned as the Commissioner for Earth and urban development by the State EGU with effect today, Friday, October 29, 2021 and will send SUV from Prado Noir,” writes NNN.


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