COMEDY:Mc urchmancomedian- part 3

If you are single please be really single
Not that your private part will still be dating someone😅😂🤣 yeyeye who slap me
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

A mother said to her son look at that kid over there he is not misbehaving as you use to do. son replied maybe he as a good parents then😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

What is all this no be Joseph born Jesus🤷‍♂
Igbo people which one is jesus nwa Amadi😅😂🤣 urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Please stop asking Muslims like us to do Christmas for you🤷‍♂
I just said I should make it public😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😂😅🤣 07067345650

No be everybody wa get big chest go gem house oh!
Some people dey carry people for mind😅😂🤣

*Some girls only know how to pose in pictures… But let them cook beans for u. Aaaaaah!* 🙄😳😳. *U will see all the stones David used on Goliath…*
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Please this girls using Snapchat to take pictures and still ugly🤨
What is your really aim in life😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345640

*They say milk gives strength then I drank 4 cups of milk and I couldn’t move a wall… but when I drank 4 bottles of beer 🍺 I saw the walls moving themselves😁*
*These scientists are bloody liars🤭🤭🤭*urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

To All This Ladies That Usually Wears Foam Bra To Attract Our Innocent Men, Please Lets Be Real In 2019…
Urchmancomedian😅🤣😂 07067345650

Now that shehu shagari is dead I had that garri will now be costly😅😂🤣 yeyeye who slap me
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Since My Neighbour Saw Me Pressing My Laptop Every Night,She Stopped spreading Her Pants Outside😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

I almost gave up school when maths was a problem
Just then my teacher introduce further math😭
What kind of wickedness is this
Further which math😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

You ladies last year 31st night pastor told 2018 is your year of marriage how market😅😂🤣 oya get ready tomorrow is another 31st that pastor must be put to shame
I hate lie not from a pastor😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

“I have taken you as my brother”
That stupid statement should end in 2018. Am not your brother, I know my family members..😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

*If you’re always complaining about people being stingy maybe it’s time you stopped being a beggar.😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Fat girls are the most selfish people in the world, dey will sit down
with mini skirt and u will see nothing.. 🏃🏃🏃🏃😂😂
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

We should organize one day to walk Naked just to Remember Adam and Eve😂😅🤣
Urchmancomedian😂😅🤣 07067345650

Apart from lizard and smokers which other creatures like uncompleted buildings😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

My dear friends and fans in the village I understand how difficult is it for you climb trees for network just to read my jokes
The Lord is your strength😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

2019 any girl that cheat on her boyfriend will not make heaven guys can I hear Amen😅
For the guys Lord forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing😅😂🤣
Ye who stone me
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Ladies if he tells you he came from Malaysia
Tell him to resist the anthem😅
If he can’t forget him i don’t need nonsense this year😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

*You will be dating your bae nice nice then one fool will just come & give her a lift in a Range Rover Sport then she starts behaving like an Android Phone that needs Flashing.*
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Pastors please✋ this 2019 when God speaks to you, record him😅
…we need proof.😅😂🤣we don’t need it wasted like last year😂

Ladies dose your daddy knows you are calling his mate baby😂😅🤣
Who stone me now!!
Urchmancomedian😂😅🤣 07067345650

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