(JOKE) m.c urchman-Comedy of the day 1

I hate it when I see girls at 19/24 years without kid but there breast are long like psalm 119😅😂🤣

How would I pay for a night in a hotel 80k and you would ask me not to urinate on the bed😅😂🤣
Is it your urinate

I pay 50k to go to the zoo just to see lion now you are asking not to enter the cage to play with him
Are you high😅😂🤣 urchmancomedian😅😂

How do you explain this because he called you and asked you to sleep like a baby made you urinate on the bed😅😂🤣

So my parents give birth to me with my knowledge
Do they real knew if I really wanted to be human or a mosquito😅😂🤣

Imagine the guy sitting next to me in a bus asking me to patronize his business🤨
I took it for a joke later said I should ask if interested
Telling me he sells casket(coffee)😅😂🤣
Jesus is Lord am still thinking of what to do to him once we get down😅😂🤣

Guys respect your girlfriend because her pant can buy you Benz
Girls am I lien😅😂🤣 urchmancomedian😅😂

Please if I have posted anything that might have offended anyone in anyway I want to use this opportunity to tell you
You haven’t seen anything yet more coming😅😂🤣
Come n beat me am in my hus

If she doesn’t cry when you are having s** with her my brother forget it when you die she won’t cry😅😂🤣

Please and please I have noticed that lady don’t wear pants anymore I never believed until I confirmed it from my neighbours wife😅😂🤣
Please don’t ask how is my neighbour not yours😅😂🤣

Having sex on a first date dose not make a lady cheap
We call it relationship test if you pass he will call you back but if you fail end of the road for you😅😂🤣
Guy am I speaking your mind
Urchmancomedian😅😂 07067345650

Please who can hack into Dstv and delete zee world can you believe my mother didn’t cook last night because of zee world and the same thing is about to happen this night again🙆‍♂😭😭
Urchmancomedian😅 07067345650

Anambra and money
I was shocked today when my neighbour and his Anambra girl broke up today
The guy was like go to hell I don’t need you anymore
The girl said give me transport😅😂🤣even to hell transport
Urchmancomedian🤣😅😂 07067345650

The high rate of sugar daddy this days I can’t explain
Please all this small girls with big God post the pictures of your sugar daddy’s online am looking for my dad😅😂🤣
He didn’t come home last night😂
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Akwa Ibom lady Bride Price 20milion Naira.
A lady that will still pronounce JUNCTION as YOUN SHUN🤣🤣🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

First time in my life today I took weed and nothing happened to me😕
Is Obama still our president🤨
Please can you tell who ever is carrying me up to put me down😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Please all this slim girls that jog’s every morning
What do you want to loose again your life😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

United fans are busy celebrating d sack of Mourinho, forgetting he left Lukaku behind
Urchmancomedian😂🤣 07067345650

Ladies Having big ass is not the issue is been soft like today bread that matters😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

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