COMEDY-M.c urchman-comedy part2

Don’t think you are sexy just because you got booms
My dog got 8😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Behind every successful man there is a woman
If you need more success increase the number of women
Yeye who slap me😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😂😅🤣 07067345650

If your breast dose not shake when brushing your teeth
My sister forget it , it chest pimples you have😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Those guys that are chopping only one girl haven’t you had of kwashiokor…..?
Learn to balance your diet stop eating only one girl😅🤣😂 guys am I communicatung
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

When a lady urine sounds like zizizizizizizi know she is a virgin
But if it sounds shapatapakata oh my Lord forget it 😅😂🤣
Come and beat me am in my hus

I know cum,she cum,pinkin cum,how cum🤷‍♂😂😅🤣
Urchmancomedian😂😅🤣 07067345650

Guys respect your girlfriend because her pant can buy you Benz
Girls am I lien😅😂🤣 urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Ladies do you know if you have flat boobs flat yansh and even flat chest
Your 3bedroom flat is completed😂😅🤣
Sense will not kill me
Urchmancomedian😂😅🤣 07067345650

I just lost a good friend😢
but how long do I wait before I taking over his girlfriend😂😅🤣
What are friends for🤷‍♂

Please if I have posted anything that might have offended anyone in anyway I want to use this opportunity to tell you
You haven’t seen anything yet more coming😅😂🤣
Come n beat me am in my hus
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Somebody should please pour me water before I faint
One ibadun girl just said” OWA” Inside elevator😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Your mother is there praying for you not to die
One idiot is there on the bed with her boyfriend shouting babe kill me,faster😅😂🤣
Thunder will locate you now
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Have you noticed that the oil inside condom as reduced and nobody is saying anything about it😅😂🤣
Tell me u are a Virgin thunder get ready
I actually thought I was bad in biology
Not until a friend told me aquatic animals are from Akwa ibom state
And I fainted😅😂🤣
Nobody should wake me till tomorrow
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Same girl you chased inside to go and wear her pants 10 years ago
Is the same girl you are chasing now to remove her pants uncle why😅😂🤣
Catch me somi’s bar tonight don’t miss out
Urchmancomedian😅🤣🤣 07067345650

If you donate blood and collect money
What is the money called🤷‍♂
Did I here somebody say blood money😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650
Bus driver really need to stop this nonsense of moving when someone not yet sitted
A girl nearly kissed me today in the bus🤪😂🤣
Urchmancomedian🤪😅😂 07067345650

If you enter public transport in lagos and don’t find pasuma sticker inside
My brother respect yourself and come down Na one chance motor😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅🤣😂 07067345650

Somebody will dream he as money and wake up broke😏
But you just dream you are urinating somewere
That’s when you would know dream come true😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😂😅🤣 07067345650

So it called
Band Aid and not bandage
I want my school fees back 😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Have you ever asked why 100# is always very dirty
It becos Awolowo is a yoruba man and
Yeyeye who slap me😅🤨🤣
You should have allowed me finish now
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Guys will be calling them self my blood my blood as if they love you but just ask of help 5k from him
The whole blood will dry up😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345640

Pikin wa you born for morning is called MONICA
for evening EVELYN
on the floor is called FLORENCE
under bridge is called BRIDGET
by the door is called DORIS
in the car is called CAROLINE
on the mat MATILDA
on the road RODAH
and in the bush is called BUHA** Wat is wrong with this keypad😅😂🤣
Abeg help me complete it am not good in spelling😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian🤣 07067345650

Please pray for me since I picked 500naria from the ground my body as been doing like I want to turn to goat 😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345750

Ladies don’t say I didn’t warn you stop dating any guy named Peter he denied Jesus 3times 😅🤣
What if you get pregnant😂😅🤣
Urchmancomedian😂😅🤣 07067345650

Slay Queens if you like fitter your pix as you like you can’t fitter bad attitude and body odour
Yeye who slap me😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

I taught I have seen it all till I saw her eat eba with hand glove
Nobody should ask me who became if I call Anambra this time Anambra people will eat me up

People said sorry can easily soften the heart
Wait till you hear it from a doctor
You go know say it harden the heart😅😂🤣
Let me come and be going
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

When they don’t have money to make there hair again
You hear them posting am Rocking my natural hair
Who is fooling who😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😂😅🤣 07067345650

You see that dance everybody is dancing falling on the ground
I can’t wait to dance it tomorrow in church and I don’t fall any how only on offering box😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

One guy ask me to help him complete his t.fair in the bus I gave him 1500
The guy bought suya and juice in my presence😅😂🤣
I have been thinking on what to do to this guy once we get down😅😂🤣
Just tell me you don’t know what tomorrow is thunder get ready

Don’t leave your man because is fucking another pussy let the sweetest pussy win the race 😅😂🤣
Guys am I communicating

Ladies your hair fake your nails fake your face fake your breast fake your ass fake
And you need a real guy😅😂🤣
Who slap me

Dear bank account if na weed or shisha you go smoke I want to know
Just get high😂😅🤣 because today is my day we need to pop up
Urchmancomedian😂😅🤣 07067345650

Any Yoruba woman that her name is peppertual if she cook for you
My brother forget that tongue just go and get new one😂😅🤣
It still my day 07067345650

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